Helm — Certify your path to victory!

Bruno Teixeira
5 min readNov 23, 2022


Helm, the undeniable de facto “package manager” for the Kubernetes Platform. In this small article, we wont be explaining how to setup & install this tool. We are assuming you already know how to use it, so this will more geared to those features that are more obscure and rarely used.

Who knows? It might power your next deployment!

P.S: The follow up tips & tricks were validated with Helm 3.10!

Tip & Tricks — TLS Power!

Did you know that Helm contains a vast library of Cryptographic functions? In fact, you can pretty much generate a CA & Certificates in a couple of steps. This is particularly helpful if you want to deploy or simply offer a sane default installation with built-in TLS out of the box!

1. Generating a Private Key

{{ $prvKey := genPrivateKey "rsa" }}
apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
name: tls
prv.key: {{ $prvKey | b64enc }}

The above example is able to generate an RSA 4096 key by leveraging the genPrivateKey function.

Of course using it just like this will generate a new key every time you deploy but we will take care of later on.

2. Creating a CA



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