Kubernetes In-Place Vertical Pod Update Revolution

Bruno Teixeira
5 min readJun 4


Picture this: you’re managing a Kubernetes cluster, and it’s time to update your pods. In the past, this process may have been riddled with headaches, as pods were terminated and replaced, causing disruptions and potential downtime.

But fear not!

A new hero has emerged in the Kubernetes universe — the in-place vertical pod update feature. This revolutionary capability brings simplicity, agility, and increased availability to your updates.

In this article, we’ll embark on a delightful journey exploring the magic of in-place vertical pod updates, peppered with fun and practical YAML examples. So, fasten your helm belts, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of Kubernetes updates!

In-Place Vertical Pod Updates — Unleashing the Magic!

In the realm of Kubernetes, pods are like the Avengers, combining containers and sharing resources to deliver superpowers to your applications. Previously, when updating a pod’s resources, Kubernetes would opt for the “Hulk Smash!” approach, terminating the existing pod and replacing it with a new one. But as we’ve learned, Hulk’s smashing tendencies can sometimes lead to chaos and disruptions.

Fortunately, the Kubernetes developers have assembled a new squad of heroes, introducing the in-place vertical pod update feature. This incredible power allows you to update pods without the need for termination, ensuring that your applications remain unscathed and your users blissfully undisturbed. It’s like having Scarlet Witch warping reality while your applications continue to work their magic!

The Benefits of In-Place Vertical Pod Updates

1. Enhanced Availability and Reduced Downtime

With in-place vertical pod updates, your applications become invincible. Gone are the days of service disruptions and downtime during updates. By eliminating the need to terminate pods, Kubernetes ensures that your applications keep running smoothly…



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